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Shanghai Hubian Transformer Co., Ltd. is a professional and modern high-tech enterprise integrating R & D and manufacturing. "Shanghai transformer" brand scb10, scb11, SG (b) 10, S11, S10, S13 series power transformer, mining transformer, rectifier transformer, amorphous alloy transformer, box type substation and other products produced by the company



Intelligent management and control, real-time monitoring of guest room status, guest demand, service status and equipment, with energy conservation, efficiency, and provide humanized services for guests


Protection mode of transformer


Protection mode of transformer

1. For the main transformer of 6-10KV workshop substation, the overcurrent protection with time limit is usually installed. If the action time of overcurrent protection is more than 0.5-0.7s, the current quick break protection shall also be installed. 2. Oil immersed transformer with gas protection capacity of 800kV. A and above shall be equipped with gas protection as the main protection for internal fault of transformer oil tank and oil level reduction. 3. The current quick b


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